Are you still open?

Yes. We are working safely from home, and will continue to do so unless advised otherwise by the government.

Are you accepting orders?

Due to high demand, we are periodically having to put a hold on new orders being placed. This is because we are receiving a huge amount of orders and we are working to maximum capacity. Please be assured this is just a temporary measure. If you find that you cannot place an order, please check again another day as the restriction will be in place, and lifted, as and when we can do so.

Do you have my item in stock?

We always hold a tremendous amount of stock. In addition, a number of our main suppliers have now partially re-opened, meaning that some of our regular supplier deliveries are starting to come through.

We ask that if you wish to place an order, please go ahead and do so on our website. We will then be in touch with you by email within two business days - hopefully this will be in the form of a despatch email, but if not then it will be an email advising of a few days' delay while we wait for new stock to arrive. In the event that your choice is not going to be in stock for some time, our email will contain details of any suitable alternatives which we think you may like instead. If you do not wish to receive any alternatives, just reply to let us know and we will issue a full refund within one business day.

We are currently receiving an overwhelming number of orders every day, so could we please ask that you bear with us. We normally process orders within one business day, however we have had to extend this to two days for the time being. Please be assured we are working around the clock in order to process your orders as fast as we can, and we would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Are delivery times affected?

A number of our customers have reported that their Royal Mail deliveries are taking longer than anticipated. Please be aware that delivery times could be impacted at any stage. You can refer to Royal Mail's Coronavirus Update for the latest information regarding delivery.

You may also find the following Royal Mail pages helpful:-

Coronavirus: Changes to Service
Coronavirus: UK Services FAQ
Coronavirus: International Incident Bulletin


Due to the nature of our products, we have always followed very strict hygiene procedures with regard to handling our stock and of course we will continue to do so.


If your question has not been answered above, please Contact Us and we will gladly reply within two business days.

If you have recently emailed us and have not yet received a reply, please could we ask that you re-send your email.