Tragus Piercings

Tragus Piercings

Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercings are super cute and there is such a fabulous variety of body jewellery to choose from. We have all of the classic-shaped bars such as rings and circular barbells, barbells, bananas and spirals. All of these bars are multi-purpose, meaning that they are suitable for a wide variety of piercings around the body. As long as you ensure that you select the correct gauge, size and shape of bar for your tragus piercing then your new jewellery will fit your piercing perfectly. Alternatively, you may wish to choose one of our more decorative bars which are especially designed for tragus piercings and other ear cartilage piercings.

What size of jewellery should I buy for my tragus piercing?

When buying tragus jewellery, you should bear in mind that there are two measurements to take into account: the gauge and the size. The gauge is the thickness of the bar, whilst the size refers to either the length (of a bar) or the internal diameter (of a ring). The most common gauge for a tragus piercing is 1.2mm gauge, however not everybody's tragus piercings are the same gauge. This can be due to the anatomy of the ear (the tragus may be smaller or larger than other people's) or it can be due to variations between piercing studio practices. The gauge of a piercing can also become thinner or wider if a different gauge of bar is used for any amount of time.

I don't know the gauge of my tragus piercing!

If you don't know the gauge of your tragus piercing and your piercing was done recently, one idea would be to give your piercing studio a call to ask what gauge of bar they fitted. If that's not possible, or if your piercing was done a long time ago, you could try buying a low-priced basic bar in 1.2mm gauge to see whether it fits. If it doesn't, you will at least know whether to go thinner or thicker with your next purchase.

Further questions?

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